Tanya Cabrera talks about undocumented students rights

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I had the privilege of interviewing DREAM activist and community leader Tanya Cabrera for New Futuro. Check out this video with Cabrera detailing the educational rights of undocumented students, and share the full article with any interested students.


Minorities Are Becoming The Majority In The U.S.

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Latino youth are 2.5x less likely to earn a bachelor's degree than their white friends.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 Latino teens believe that a college degree is important for success, but only 5 out of 10 think it’s possible.

Considering population shifts and graduation rates remaining constant, by 2042 the country’s overall graduation rate will decline by 22%.

A less educated future will mean: more low-paying jobs, a lower national GDP, and more national debt.

We can not allow this to happen.

I am proud to say that New Futuro was formed to solve these issues.

Offering bilingual, financial aid, scholarship, career, and networking resources to parents and students; helping Latino families achieve their dreams; New Futuro plans to change the face of Hispanic education.

But New Futuro can’t do it alone.  We need you.
Find out more at NewFuturo.com.

Fundamentally altering the landscape of Latino Education

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Our baby has been birthed.  New Futuro 1.5  has arrived!  My Creative Content team has been kicking butt working alongside the Digital Development team to make it happen. I ask you now to check out NewFuturo.com  Become a member.  Give us feedback.  Just as my participatory internet-based art is all about constant communal engagement, deconstruction, and reconstruction, so is New Futuro.

And there is much more to come. In New Futuro 2, students will have a fully curatorial experience, where they are able to to personalize their academic journeys. Students will be able to collect and bring in all of the things they think are awesome. And New Futuro will be able to dynamically combine student’s interests with their skill sets, financial need, grade level, location, associations, and more, to provide them with ongoing college and post-college guidance.

For me, this is radical education at its finest.  

Poco a Poco Radio interview featuring New Futuro.

Digital. Creative. Conceptual. Think Tank Team.

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Ladies and Gents, life is good.  I am the Creative Director for New Futuro.

New Futuro provides Latino families with fully bilingual resources and tools to get students into college and beyond! We are committed to making you an education rockstar!  We will  teach you how to get into the college of your dreams with money to pay for it.  It’s all about making the right classes at the right time, knowing the right people, and getting involved with the right groups.  College is your future,  so why should it be a challenge to get there?  New Futuro will help you achieve your dreams through education! 

Read more about my #awesome creative team here.

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